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Best Restaurants in Australia


There are many great restaurants you can visit in Australia once you secure an Australian Visa. Below is a review of some great restaurants in Australia that offers delicious and mouth-watering dishes:

Quay Restaurant

Located at Sydney, this restaurant features stunning views of Sydney Opera House from one end and Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other end. The menu does not disappoint in quality and creativity showcased in dishes such as Eight Textured chocolate cake and Jack Fruit snow Egg. Located amidst iconic scenery, it gives captivating experience that you will not get anywhere else in Australia.

Attica Restaurant

Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Attica restaurant is the second best Australian Restaurant in the world 100 best restaurants. It was also the only Victorian based restaurant in Australia that has made it to top 100 best world restaurants in 2011. It offers great dishes prepared using exceptional and eclectic ingredients from the heart of Melbourne which will make your stay in Australia a lifetime memory.

Momofoku Seioboo

Restaurant This Sydney based restaurant was the first venture of Momofoku group Outside American soil. It combines the Japanese Cooking techniques and the western techniques yielding stimulating and innovative tasting menus that you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Some of the notable dishes include bee pollen and mocha (Australian quandongs)

Marque Restaurant

This Sydney based restaurant was awarded the 2011 restaurant of the year by the SHM Good Food Guide. The menu contains highly intelligent and original flavour combinations and is accompanied by an expertly matched wine list. It gives a friendly and yet a world class dining experience.

Vue de Monde Restaurant

This is a Melbourne based restaurant whose name translates to “view the world” which is an imaginative view of the world via food and wine. It has three Good food Guide chef’s hats and three Gourmet Travellers stars. Its menu is unique, creative and is based on French style cuisine. The menu is accompanied by uniquely matched international and local wine list.

Sepia Restaurant

This is a Sydney based restaurant whose name translates to Cuttlefish which is an ingredient that can be presented on the menu in various forms. The dishes are Japanese based including the like of Woodear, Ocean trout and Shimeji mushrooms. The sober, evocative interior of the restaurant displays the classy nature of the cuisine.

Est Restaurant

This Sydney based restaurant has retained three hat status since 2003 and three Gourmet Travellers star since 2007. It has elegant furnishing that will guarantee a memorable meal. The dishes are French based that offer simple and classy flavour combinations. The menu also contains a matching wine list which completes a high class dining experience.

The above reviewed restaurants makes Australia the best travel destination in the world and therefore a visit to Australia will not be complete without setting foot in one of them so as to cement the visit and make it the most memorable experience. Of course an Australian Visa is the bridge to this mouth-watering experience that will forever linger in your memory.


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