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Drivers with Bull Bars in Regional NSW are Getting a Break

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Drivers from New South Wales have a bit of good news. They’ll be getting a two-year reprieve concerning the size of their bull bars. Duncan Gay, Roads Minister, issued a ministerial order in response to numerous complaints from drivers. The unrest all stems from a campaign from the police to crack down on bull bars that are oversize and considered a possible safety hazard on the road. All agencies involved with Roads and Maritime Services in New South Wales have been ordered to ease up on the bull bar issue.

There’s Too Much Confusion
Roads Minister Duncan Gay blamed confusion as the root of the problem. Too many drivers are simply not aware of the requirements when it comes to the standard, acceptable size of bull bars. Drivers in Sydney and surrounding areas consider the front-end devices to be vital in protecting their vehicles from damage caused by animals on the road. Recognizing this need for drivers, the government is accepting bull bars that are within reasonable limits for the next two years.

Getting the Word Out on Social Media

When Sydney drivers, and others in the bush, felt the pressure from police officials about their bull bars, they used social media to fuel the fire. Legal representatives responded with understanding to driver outrage, recognizing the fact that bull bars are not used as an accessory. They are considered a necessity. However, Inspector Jeff Boon notes that the five-post bull bars are a hazard, endangering the lives of drivers and pedestrians in the event of an accident.

What’s the Answer?

Thanks to the reprieve, NSW drivers will be able to have car inspections within the next two years to make sure that their bull bars are up to par. Vehicle inspections can be performed by the Roads and Maritime Services, offering residents ample time to ensure that they are in compliance with any restrictions involving the size of their bull bars. For those who do not own a bull bar, it is advised that they know the guidelines before they go through any car inspections.

Clarification is Key

Roads Minister Gay wants to reassure drivers that the NSW Government will issue clear guidelines to all groups who have concerns about the size of bull bars. Interested parties include the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, the Confederation of Australian Motorsports, the NSW Vehicle Standards Working Group, and the NSW police. Those in charge of vehicle inspections will be brought up to date as well, providing drivers with accurate information when they have a concern about their bull bars.

Drivers Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief

While drivers can enjoy the reprieve for the next two years, giving them reason to breathe easier, they still need to take heed. Any bull bar that is well outside the normal limits will involve fines. The best advice for drivers is to be aware of the guidelines and make changes accordingly to avoid any trouble with the law.
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