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Experience The Wildlife In Australia


A fair share of fascinating creatures is definitely among the things Australia is blessed with, many of which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Sure, some of these unique species could be seen at conservation facilities, wildlife parks, and zoos, but the most unforgettable wildlife encounters obviously take place in the natural habitat of these animals. If you want to be awed and inspired by Australia’s wildlife, then journey into the wild the next time you visit.

1. See turtle hatchlings scrambling to the sea:
Between November and February every year, hundreds of marine turtle eggs are laid along the coast of south Queensland and a few of its islands. Usually, the tiny hatchlings emerge at night after almost 8 weeks. You cannot really plan it, but if you are visiting during those months, you might become lucky enough to witness it, especially if you visit one of the nesting sites like Heron Island or Mon Repos Conservation Park.
2. Watch the whales:
The sight of a whale launching out of the water in a breathtaking breach is one that can make anyone jump for joy. While migrating from Antarctica towards the north every year, humpback whales and southern right whales travel along much of the coastline of Australia. There are plenty of locations from where these whales can be observed, such as Sydney Harbour. If your trip will be between May and early October, you can visit Encounter Bay, or of it is between August and November, you can see numerous migrating humpbacks from Hervey Bay.
3. Look for a platypus:
The platypus is one of the most comically-featured species native to Australia, with dark brown fur, a duck-like, rubbery bill, and webbed feet. Of course, even if you are in the eastern states in Australia, spotting a platypus in the wild is not as easy as you may think. Being at reliable locations at the right time is the key. The Eungella National Park in Queensland is one such location that you should visit near mid-day and you might just end up getting a glimpse of a platypus there.
4. Say hello to fairy penguins:
You probably may not know this but there are seventeen penguin species in the world, the smallest of which are the fairy or little penguins. The southern coastline in Australia that extends between Fremantle and Sydney, even including Tasmania, happens to be the breeding range for fairy penguins. These penguins are usually just 33cm tall with blue feathers, and they waddle and scurry just like most penguins do. You can join tours on Bicheno, Granite Island or Kangaroo Island to welcome home these penguins.
5. Join manta rays & sea turtles as you snorkel:
If you decide to take a dive or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef or Ningaloo Reef, you will want to keep your fingers crossed because you might just notice elegant manta rays and sea turtles nearby. If you dive in Coral Bay, you can spot manta rays with a 7m large wing span through the year. You might just develop a soft spot for turtles if you decide to visit Lady Elliot Island.
Hopefully, this should convince you that Australia is indeed blessed with the world’s most diverse wildlife. Although it would be helpful for foreign tourists if Australia also had something like the ESTA USA visa waiver program, but if you really are a wildlife enthusiast, then surely you would not want to miss the chance to experience the wildlife in Australia.


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