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Indigenous Culture

Woodburn is in the centre of the local Bundjalung clan territory.  It is also near the pathways along which Bundjalung people in days of old would move between what remain as important coastal and inland sites, including sacred sites and hunting and fishing grounds.

Like in all other parts of Australia, the coming of the Europeans, disease and massacres had a devastating effect on the local Aboriginal people.  Yet from the early days, some European people fostered individual friendships and a reliance on Aboriginal people.  This was also a characteristic of the early history of Woodburn.

Local Aboriginal people continue to conserve a rich culture, offering cultural tours on their property located not far from Woodburn.

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Woodburn:  Southern gateway to the rainforest way (brochure produced by the Department of State and Regional Development, Woodburn Chamber of Commerce and Richmond Valley Council).


The Rhoda Roberts Gallery is located in New Italy, ten minutes drive south from Woodburn on the Pacific Highway.

Bora Rings

visitnsw.com:  Aboriginal Bora Ring – Tucki Tucki


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